Discover the Lavandou, the city of 12 sands that gives pride to the sea.
Le Lavandou is located south of France, in the Var, halfway between Toulon and the Legendary St. Tropez, through Hyères les Palmiers, La Londe-les-Maures, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Rayol-Canadel, Cavalaire.
Although Le Lavandou has become a popular resort visited, the city has retained the charm of the fishing village that honors the beach and sea. "La Station aux 12sables" sand stretches for 12 km of coastline sheltering 12 coves and beaches sand easily accessible to tourists, even the historic city center of Lavandou and Saint Louis Church are in direct contact with the Mediterranean.
Lavandou and its localities, St. Clair, The Dimple, Cavaliere, Cape Negro, Pramousquier face the Golden Isles: Levant island, Port-Cros and Porquerolles, and every day, the stars of the Golden Islands will allow the journey from the port of Le Lavandou.
The turquoise sea between Le Lavandou and islands is very popular with divers because water is an exceptionally clear and the sea, especially in Port-Cros, are surprisingly rich; it is also not unusual to see dolphins off the gold islands. Station to twelve sands is also a city of three dolphins, as indicated by its coat of arms.
The town of Lavandou signed the charter Pelagos in 2012 for the protection of marine mammals in the Mediterranean, the marine protected area extends along the Northwest coast of Italy, the French coast to the peninsula 'of Giens and extends off to Sardinia including another beautiful island: Corsica.
Le Lavandou is also the nearby hills that plunge into the sea, hills such that one imagines, fragrant thyme and rosemary, rocky and flowers. The Massif des Maures starts at Lavandou, the ridge road to the scenic views breathtaking, one can reach Bormes-les-Mimosas, the nearby medieval would be the first cities to be visited, are followed from villages with authentic charm Collobrières, Cogolin, Gassin, Ramatuelle... then plunges into the sea at St. Tropez and Sainte Maxime.
To rest his travels, Le Lavandou offers many amenities: Luxury hotels and boutique, real estate rentals, vacation rentals in studios, apartments and villas with pools, campgrounds and RV parks directly near the sea.
Le Lavandou is of course, the sea, the sun is the beach in summer. But Lavandou mild winters, that's the promise of entertainment and events throughout the year: flower parades, traditional festivals, Provence Market, hiking in the hills, biking on the bike path, diving club , sailing...
If visiting the fort Brégançon can be done in the summer, walking the streets of the old town of Hyeres can also be done in the fall. It is best perhaps to visit the beautiful gardens of Rayol in spring when the blooms begin.
What a pleasure to enjoy chestnuts Collobrières the door of the winter and clementines from St. Clair in November. Come all year and check the weather on cameras from the Tourist Office of Le Lavandou.